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How to Find and Book Loads with New Authority

Being a carrier can be very rewarding, except when you struggle to find trucks. And, not just any truck, but the good ones: those that work with your schedule and in your preferred routes. The good news is that there are strategies and tools for finding profitable jobs that keep you growing, whether you're an owner-operator or a fleet of trucks. Benefit from these suggestions about how to find truck loads for your particular operation.

The first one is deciding who you want to work with. When searching for the ideal customer, remember the following: Although it may be tempting to take any lucrative job, not being accurate enough can leave money on the table. When searching for the perfect client, keep the following in mind:

· Location: Focus on the geographic area and routes that best suit you, your equipment and your way of life.

· Reputation: Working with well-known brokers generally means a more stable payment. Working with clients who may not have a long-standing reputation has its advantages. Perhaps the salary is higher, or you want to build a long-term relationship that could lead to a higher volume or more convenient routes. If you choose this path, ensure you understand the risks. The basic rule is: to keep an eye out for unbiased brokers who have relationships with the types of clients you want.

The second thing is selling yourself. When considering how to account for truckloads, be proactive as opposed to reactive. Inform brokers and shippers that you are available for rental and can deliver their goods on time. Do you have a Hazmat certificate? Are you an expert in the transportation of heavy goods? Don't keep this under wraps! Go to your favourite loading board, post your truck, and add as much detail as you can to help others find you with their most important search terms.

The third thing uses a load board. A good loading board is the best tool for your business. But one word to the sage: you get what you pay for when it comes to loading panels. Although you might not pay a penny for access to this advertised "free" panel, it might still cost you. Many free signs contain no essential information such as costs or tracks. Fraud may also occur more frequently within these councils. Scammers can steal a broker's identity, reserve a charge demanding an upfront payment, and take the money. The best load boards will show you:

· What needs to be shipped

· Origination and destination

· Routes & handling.

· Weight and classification

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