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Best Applications for Freight Business

There are hundreds of mobile apps out there that can help make life easier for freight forwarders, carriers, cargo, and even offshore back office solution providers around the world to handle. If you are a cargo broker, truck broker, logistics broker or cargo agent, these applications can save you time and make your job easier. Today we will give you significant applications for freight business.

The first one is ITS Broker. This app is powered by Internet Truckstop and provides you with easy access to your loading account to search for trucks, as well as post loads while you are away from your desktop. ITS Broker gets the work done, and Internet Truckstop is always a very popular shipment for freight brokers and truck brokers.

The second one is Evernote. It's a free app that lets you remember ideas and content and stay organized on more than one device. Some cool features of this application allow you to capture photos, create to-do lists, record voicemails and take notes. If you do a lot of reading and searching and find it hard to remember where you put your articles, this is the application for you. With Evernote, your issue is resolved.

The third one is My Radar Weather Radar. As a freight broker or agent, being aware of weather forecasts is essential. This application can predict and understand meteorological conditions that could cause service problems. This application is starting to become everyone's favorite, mostly because of its speed and the way it allows you to have several weather overlays.

The fourth one is Getloaded. Getloaded enables you to access your loading account from your phone. If you will post a load, look for an available truck, or even access premium features, such as rate index, credit information and PC mileage data.

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