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Why Trucks are super expensive?

We are going to talk about a few things today, we have the update on truck market... This is a lot of what is going on from last year, we see a lot of trending things going out there of guys buying trucks and is kind of uncertain about what is going on with the industry right know and we kind of wanted to give you what is happening.

Right now we are dealing with the influx in imports, this is something that pretty much has not happened in history and we are tired of hearing history but just in houston for example, we are shouting out to Houston because is showing port imports and this is the ports coming in the imports, coming into Houston from the difference last year to this year is a 145% difference increase. That is just in Houston... That kind of why Houston has been super busy and we are going see what this is doing to the market and what this is doing to the truck market as well used truck market and if you own trucks how important it is going to be to keep up with what you have because you are not going to be able to come across any equipment right now. Equipments are going to be very tought to come across the imbalance between imports and exports is something that has just never been seen before and this is why we want to keep you update.

So basically there more imports coming in than there is at exports so brokers are paying so much for imports for freight coming in to move that freight. They are paying more than they are to export it, so what that ends up doing is turning down loads exported more in particular agriculture that they are actually turning down which is creating a big imbalance so when you look at the carrier side and somebody that is actually sending a container full of soybean to asia for example you dont know when you are going to get that container back so a lot of these companies are being really picky about letting their equipment leave the United States and it is crazy because there is such a imbalance when it comes to imports and it is so backed up at the ports alredy. they can not even receive all this freight in time and what is end up doing is creating a real strain on the carriers especially the smaller carriers. so we have been seen rates going throught the roof and it has been very fluctuating.

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